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Carol Flammer ProfileWith all of your social media accounts, can you tell that you are making a difference on Web 2.0 applications? Klout uses content from all of your social networks to measure your influence. Whether you’re recommending on LinkedIn or sharing on Facebook, your Klout score is measuring your influence

In a world full of information, Klout helps businesses and individuals record their success, understand who they influence and discover who to trust in the topics they care about.

Want to improve your Klout score? It is simple: create content or engage with others. The Klout Score measures three key elements: True Reach, Amplification and Network Impact.

True Reach: Your True Reach is the number of people you influence. This reflects how many people tend to respond or share based on your content.

Amplification– Your amplification is how much you influence people. If people often act upon your content, you have a high Amplification score.

Network-This indicates your influence of the people in your True Reach. This measures how often do top influencers share and respond to your content? If they do respond to your content, they are increasing your Network score.

Sign in with Twitter or connect with Facebook, and start getting Klout Perks, exclusive products or experiences that you earn based on your influence. Top influencers can earn airline tickets or laptops. Businesses want to give influencers perks because they are they are the people that their network looks to when choosing which brands to buy.

With more than 100 million people scored by Klout, 2.7 billion pieces of content and connections analyzed daily and over 6,000 partners and developers, Klout can help you monitor your influence.

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